Asian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. ® is a renowned manufacturer of a broad range of prescription and non-prescription drugs in Nepal.

Established in 2055 B.S. (1998 AD), Asian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. ®  is founded on a deep sense of National Pride and the conviction to make a contribution to our country's self-reliance in the field of Pharmaceutical formulations.

Our approach is to ensure health and happiness for all by manufacturing a range of medicines of the highest quality at an affordable price, and reaching out to the remote areas and marginalized people of Nepal.

We view ourselves as an integrated part of society and our philosophy is to grow along with our customers, our employees, and our environment.

Asian is mainly concerned with the manufacturing of non-sterile products which includes Solid, Semi-Solid, Liquid Orals, and Solutions for external use.

We have incorporated the latest technology in the industry to produce only the best quality products. Coupled with years of experience and in-depth knowledge, we customize the formulation of our products to meet diverse requirements and to qualify for WHO-GMP and ISO certification.

 We have an integrated production facility that ensures hygienic conditions for processing with minimum human interference.

Our products guarantee total assurance of food safety and comply with International quality standards.

Being a professional-managed company, we assure our customers of prompt service and the timely delivery of products at their desired destination.

All the activities of the factory are carried out in dedicated areas within a controlled environment as per GMP conditions comparable with International regulations.

The formulation facility has been certified by the Department of Drug Administration, and the plant is built in accordance with the guidelines of international regulatory bodies like WHO & USFDA.


Manufacturing Facility


The factory premises consist of 250411.5 sq ft in area (2.3264 Hectare), which are comprised of the Pharma Manufacturing plant, constructed in 16230.85 sq ft, Cephalosporin in 5996.25 sq.ft, all within a self contained facility.

Veterinary is housed in 2557.75 sq.ft with a separate air handling facility.

Raw materials are stored in 2600 sq ft. and a scrap yard in 1500 sq ft. AHU, chilling units, and the whole maintenance area occupy 9194.74 sq.ft of the total circumference.

Quality Control, Microbiology, R&D, and Quality Assurance,  are located within the second floor area of 11663.04 sq.ft.


Research and Development

Asian has a fully integrated product development infrastructure which develops and formulates new products for the company after pre-formulation and stability studies. We are fully equipped with teams and apparatus related to manufacturing and production.


The energetic team members of the R&D Department are dedicated to developing the most innovative products to improve patient lives significantly. They provide a competitive and focused pipeline to address unmet patient needs.


Our R&D Department works independently.


Quality Control

The Quality Control Department works independently and controls  all raw materials, packaging materials,  and monitors the in-process quality checks required to ensure the quality and stability of finished products.

Competent technical manpower is engaged in quality control works. It is adequately sized and equipped with all facilities required for the performance of various activities related to inspection and testing of different types of products / materials.